A Glimpse of the Brag Book

As a coach, mentor, author, parent, friend, CEO and public speaker you get to impact lives. No matter what your role in a person's life, you are there for a reason. As a natural connector, I find ways to connect, build trust, coach, and inspire others. Each day I may have a new set of tools to use, but all methods employed are effective.  2020 has been a challenging year for many. I am always looking to help others find their sunshine.

I will always seek opportunities to dream, create, write, teach, laugh, and offer hope to others. If you are curious about Tinker Vision or KT, connect with me to see if my company can help you now or in the future. I am always looking for cool new opportunities to explore.


If you are lucky enough to be impact others, you will cherish those who take the time to write you a hand written note, answer a survey, write an online review or even mail you an old-fashioned thank you letter. To those who provided support to me over the years, THANK YOU! You made a difference in me and I am paying it forward the best way I know how, Tinker Vision. Tinker Vision represents my purpose work today, tomorrow and in the years ahead.. Whether investing in people or properties, I will always be connecting.

I am ever so proud of my brag book and am happy to share a glimpse to help you see the value behind Karen Tinker Vision. I look forward to helping you grow into greatness. Let's team up! I am easily reachable by phone or text: 678.735.1710.

2020 The year of the PANDEMIC

CEO: Adjusting to change on the fly while keeping the workforce in tact

Friend: Staying positive and present to those around me for mental health awareness

Coach: Offering guidance where I can at no cost to those who need a hand

Purpose Work: Continuing to offer resources during the pandemic and beyond to those in need

Community: Supporting local small businesses any way I can to stimulate the economy

Voice: Using my online platforms to educate others when social and physical distance is required

Support: Providing much needed emotional support to those suffering losses in 2020

Cheerleader: Celebrating all near and far who hit milestones when only virtual celebrations are available

2019 at-a-glance:

CEO: Multi-Million Dollar Entity launched from scratch

Athlete: CrossFit Competitor, Marathon Runner and Fitness Blogger

Coach: Community Lacrosse Coach, Personal Growth Coach and Business Mentor

Purpose Work: Suicide and Drug Free Advocate, Volunteer and Literacy Donor

Natural Leader: Defined by actions across multiple entities in 2019

Storyteller: International following, tremendous growth year

2018 Highlights Include:

1st Georgia Suicide Prevention Conference - Speaker

B.B. Harris Literacy Event - Featured Author

Georgia Mining Association - Speaker

Georgia Library Media Association - Author Appearance

2nd Annual Opioid Summit - Speaker

QPR Gatekeeper Trainer - Inspiring Hope

Federal Contract Awardee - $850k

Grant Contributor - Non-Profit Projects 

Community Giving - Time/Talent/Donations

Athlete/Coach/Motivational Partner

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