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Tinker Vision is the innovative enterprise created by Karen Tinker aka KT. Watch her zest ignite as her visions unfold.

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Karen Tinker (KT), Founder

Author, Coach, Visionary, Public Speaker, Adventurer, and Savvy Businesswoman with over 20 years small business experience. Crossfit addict, brand promoter, creative thinker, visualizer, connector and ultimate mastermind.

The Brand (Tinker Vision / KT)

It all starts with the logo design. The infinity symbol. A vision of creativity, hope, and strength designed with no boundaries. Infinite opportunities is an entrepreneur's dream come true. Tinker Vision makes dreams turn into reality. It is that simple.

The Brand Wagon includes two common ownership entities:

Mssn Crtcl Pwr-A women-owned and veteran-owned small business providing technical services to public and private data centers.

2 Chicks and a Pen-A women-owned literacy consulting and publishing firm. #2CHX use this entity to improve literacy through book donations and sponsorships each year. Community involvement is a big part of this entity.

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Variety is the SPICE of LIFE

No two days are the same at Tinker Vision. Here's a glimpse into the organized chaos that makes up a day in the life of founder, Karen Tinker: investing, networking, project management, speaking engagements, blogging, team mentoring, and contract negotiations among others. All aspects of each day fuel the passion and drive of the non-traditional CEO known as KT.

Karen will say a CEO life isn't for the weak or weary individual. She often shares that CEOs have the best part-time job ever. You just need to decide which 12 hours of the day you want to work. Once you figure out your unconventional workday, you must balance family time, community involvement, personal health & fitness, and then a few hours of sleep.

Are you looking to tackle a new goal, plan an adventure that is out of your comfort zone, or maybe thinking of changing careers? Getting started is often the first of many risks and challenges ahead. KT is not shy about how to conquer these type of fears. Connect and see how KT can help you elevate your personal or professional image without delay.

Follow Karen and her daily shenanigans @kt.247 on Instagram or check out Karen's author news at www.2chicksandapen.com 

Teaming with Tinker Vision

Business influencers are key—and choosing Tinker Vision is a smart business decision. Anyone who has the benefit of hearing Karen speak knows she is a connector. Karen has an uncanny ability to motivate and communicate with audiences of all ages across many different platforms. Kids, adults, professionals, athletes, parents and organizations have all experienced some version of Karen's storytelling. Attendees always leave inspired, educated and energized to seize their next opportunity.

Storytelling isn't limited to putting pen to paper or speaking to a crowd. KT helps new entrepreneurs write their own story. Every business begins with a dream. The dreams turns into reality when carefully assembled building blocks are put into place. These foundation blocks provide the stable footing needed for most businesses to skyrocket. Tinker Vision is designed to help anyone achieve their own success in business or life in general using basic building block techniques, coaching, prior experiences, and a little bit of our special sauce known as "Tinkersauce".

KT has a diverse social network allowing her to maximize her social capital in most, if not all, business engagements. Leveraging the power of many is skill most will never master. Connect with KT to understand how to best utilize your own social capital.

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